Mar. 3rd, 2027

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Okay, I just went through a friends' list edit, and I noticed something. So, it's public post time.

I am friends-only, and have been since February 2004, due to some rather puerile behavior which went on in my journal at the time. My very last public post is a rant about this, at the end of which, I instruct people to comment if they want to be added, which is SOP on friends-only journals.

Apparently, people either cannot or do not read instructions, or they cannot or do not follow them.

With certain exceptions, I do not care who reads my journal, so long as I know them in some context, either online or in real life.

But please, PLEASE PLEASE, pretty, PRETTY please with a cherry on top leave me a comment here if you decide to add me (or send me an e-mail if that isn't working... I've had that happen before due to some screwy settings I had on my LJ -- my address is in my profile). Otherwise, my journal is going to be pretty damn boring to read, as you won't be able to SEE any entries. I have a tendency to not look at who has friended me on a regular basis, so unless you somehow alert me that you've added me, I likely won't notice that you've added me for several months. Again: Friends-only means that unless I add you back, you won't be able to read any of my entries.

You should include in your comment a note about why you're adding me, and if we've met, either in real life, or online. If I don't know you from somewhere else, either online or in real life, chances are good that I'm not going to add you, since I have a tendency, in general, not to trust people.

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