Feb. 2nd, 2004

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EDIT, 12/10/2006: It has come to my attention that there are problems with commenting on this entry because of the way I have comments set. This should be fixed now. If you have problems, you can always ask to be added by e-mailing me using the address posted on my user info page.

I hate to do this, but due to the course of recent events in my life, I have decided to go friends-only with my journal. I just need certain people out of my life right now.

To be on my friends list, you may leave a comment here.

You people want me to have "balls?" Here:

Realize that being on my friends' list is a privelege, not a right. If I have taken you off my friends' list, or banned you from commenting, it is for a good reason. Don't whine to me, don't call me immature, but instead think about why I might have taken you off. I control who gets to read my journal, not you, and not anyone else either. If I put you on my friends' list it is because I trust you not to go blabbing the contents of locked entries to people who I don't want to read them, and because I believe you will be a friend to me regardless of whether or not you agree with my actions. Betray that trust, and you're off, no questions asked. Do NOT cry to me to add you back. I may (or may not) add you back when I am DAMN good and ready to do so. That's it.

I'm SO sick of fair-weather friends.

If you disagree with me, fine, that is your right. Let me know your opinion ONCE and then DROP IT. I'm dealing with enough shit in my life right now that I really don't need people who I thought were my friends kicking me while I'm down.

Who I choose to date is my business and no one else's. I got out of a relationship which was not working for me. Okay, I agree that my choices in the past month have not been among the most intelligent I've ever made, but I think it was a good decision to end that relationship. If you disagree, FINE. I don't care. You're not making my decisions for me.

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