Date: 2007-10-16 05:33 pm (UTC)
Aww... thanks for worrying. Talking to you after Gemini actually helped calm me down. Especially trying to figure out what freaked me out so much, and using that to create a plan as to what I could ride after that.

The worst thing that happened to me after we split up was that I got lost a few times (even with a map of the park in hand!). After I got off Mine Ride, I got your text message that you were still on line for Mean Streak, so I decided to try and find that ride and wait until you finished riding. But I couldn't FIND it, and I got lost about four times. So, I got frustrated and wandered around looking for cheap water, and debated another Mine Ride. I saw the wait was a half hour, and so I sat and drank some water, and decided instead to try to find Mean Streak again. I found it, walked back across the track, saw the insane line for Maverick, texted you about it... debated Gemini again VERY briefly, quickly deciding that to try it again would be insane with no one to hold me, hug me, or buy me a soda afterwards. So I walked back and saw you guys on the other side of the tracks. So I only went on one ride where you guys didn't come with me.

Heh. Sorry for being boring with that last paragraph, but that's exactly what I did and what went through my head.

I agree, the Fright Zone/Carn-evil had too many people in them and not enough park workers in costume. It's also extremely difficult to scare me in that type of a situation. I suppose, like you said, it's more fun if you have at least one person in your group who's easily scared.

I noticed your Gemini train finished first, right before I put my head down. I didn't really care. I'm not sure why we stopped just outside the unloading station (it felt like they jammed on the brakes and weren't expecting to have to stop the train). Anyway, I welcomed the opportunity to, well, put my head down and catch my breath without having to stand up and walk anywhere first. I was certain if it had just stopped at the unloading station, I would have collapsed into a pile of jelly.

Some day, I do actually want to be able to get on Dragster (there, I admitted it). I'd definitely try Maverick first, though. I've got to build up from small to insane -- that seemed to work well this weekend. Dragster will be a few to several years away. I'll get there eventually, I think.

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